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My Journey Into Motherhood

My little baby sleeps on my skin. This is the yoga I have been practicing since the 1st January 2020 when she found her way out to this world and I started my journey into motherhood. I wrote my last post 7 months ago. I was pregnant. It was Christmas, the days were short.  Today it’s summer and the daylight shines until late. This warm season is full of fresh emotions, new experiences and more opportunity to lay skin to skin with her. We enjoy our moments together. It’s such a deep relationship of love that unites us.

With the arrival of Rebecca, my heart became bigger and soft. Suddenly it was wide open and ready to give anything to her: my body, my smiles, my energy, my thoughts. My generosity is unconditional. I feel responsible for her happiness, well-being, comfort, food, sleep, fun. I feel my mission in my body: to support her while she discovers this world. It’s such a hard work, that unfortunately our society doesn’t value as it should (I’ll come back to this point in another post).

This is what I have learned in the first months of my journey into motherhood: motherhood is overwhelming and tiring. My body can tell it. Motherhood is warm and spacious. My body can confirm it.

I don’t really have time like before to write, share, guide yoga sessions and practice, but I have the time to enjoy the oxytocin effect and the sweet feeling that generates when I breastfeed or simply when I stare at my baby. It’s a new period of my life, Rebecca needs me and I need her. This is the beginning of my personal journey into motherhood: a practice of patience and discover of new expression of love, deep emotions and sweet sensations.


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