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Pregnant Yogini Preparing  For Birth

I am 38 weeks pregnant. My baby is growing in my belly, unhurriedly, she takes the time she needs to become strong and healthy.  I slow down. I dedicate the last months to us. As pregnant yogini I practice everyday. Following the example of my body, I make space in my life and prepare for the big day, when we will breath and dance together, when we will celebrate her advent in the world, her birth.

Such an important ritual needs thoughtful preparation. I look for information, connection, experience, tools, concentration, and calmness. This is what I need. I turn to the wise women that with respect, tender listening and powerful presence, have helped other women to make positive experience of pregnancy, birth and maternity. There is no limit to the strength, positivity and security provided by a circle of women that honour the female power of birth and maternity. I found a very powerful support in the words, the videos and the books of the midwives that believe in the capacities of women’s body to deliver life naturally. They trust in her capabilities when there are no fears neither anxiety.  Their arguments and explanations are based on scientific evidence and many years of midwifery practices.

I have read several books and discussed with different experts, I have met many women who have enriched my knowledge with their tales and studies, and inspired me to prepare my body and my mind for the big day. In particular, two persons have satisfied my hunger of knowledge with useful information, empowerment and positivity.   Ina May Gaskin, who has been defined as the world’s leading midwife. In her book “Guide to child birth” she tells about a number of beautiful and positive stories of birth where there is no pain but only joy and conscious presence. In this same work she explains with details and scientific evidence, the functioning of women’s body in birth, how the uterus works in labour and what are the conditions that are likely to make it stall or favour it. Gabriela Fontanilles, that started to work as midwife in 1947, has written the magnificent book in Spanish “El arte del parto”. It is a manual where she shares the experience she has acquired during her long professional journey, tips and information about birth delivery, the mother’s pre and postnatal care as well as newborn care. She explains how during birth, a woman with her baby, can make full experience and embrace the manifestation of the atavistic female wisdom that until now resided within her.

I am grateful to these women supporting other women, especially because they are contributing to change the negative rhetoric around maternity and birth that is predominant in our society. Their works are filled with good and happy stories, examples of orgasmic birth, joyful experiences of women supporting each other, the fundamental role of the partner, dances of freedom and cries of enthusiasm, strength and pure energy of the water and the earth.

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