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Feminine Yoga

Yoga is incredibly beneficial for women if practiced with respect for the different stages of our life. Pranayama and asanas have an impact on our body and our mind and therefore must be executed with awareness and respect for the particular phase in which we are.  Menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, post-natal period and menopause, are very important milestones of womanhood, therefore they have to be considered when doing yoga. If practiced with a feminine approach, yoga will support women’s health in all conditions and state of the existence.

Yoga can support a healthy menstruation by sustaining hormonal balance, strengthening the uterus, creating conditions to relax and rest in a proper manner, calming the mind and favouring good ovulation and deep connection with the feminine energy.

The yoga practice should vary during the four phases of the menstrual cycle. However, as every woman is different, it is important to listen to the inner wisdom of the body and adapt the sequence to its needs.

As general rule, the days before and during the bleeding, we practice more restorative poses that support a positive experience of menstruation as a cleansing and rejuvenating process.

During menstruation we do not practice inverted poses and strong twist. We go back to these poses after that bleeding has completely stopped.

The premenstruum phase is often the most difficult one, therefore it will be useful to practice asana and pranayama that calm the mind and the mood swings, relieve bloating sensation, cramps and back pain. We might experience an upsurge of energy during these days, it is so beautiful to investigate how to express it, bringing the water element in the practice by adding a “dancing” element in the poses.

The transition towards our pre-ovulatory phase might be hard for some women, in this phase we practice gentle poses. No need to rush in the strong dynamic flow, we can take the time to awaken with gentleness from our winter and consciously ride the flow of our rising energy.

Towards and during ovulation, most of women experience their most active and energetic flow. Go with it, embark on new projects try challenging poses, practice energy boosting pranayama, experience, trust your body.

 It is my intention to share some womb honouring sequences adapted to the different phase of the feminine cycle. I hope they will support you in your encounter with your own physical and spiritual experience of your femininity.

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